About Us

A new media outlet called thenandnow.space publishes fascinating articles about recipes, home cleaning tips, health and much more to titillate the senses.

We are dedicated to accuracy and objectivity, regardless of whether we are covering recent events or historical ones. The various human perspectives aren’t usually taken into account in history books or news reports. To find the truth, we work to see past ingrained narratives and prevalent biases.

Our Identity

Since the beginning of 2021, thenandnow.space has been a privately owned digital publisher without any outside funding, partisan agendas, or third-party business endeavors. Editorial freedom is a fundamental aspect of who we are, along with our dedication to justice and desire to offer unbiased content. Our editorial staff is dedicated to producing fantastic, original material.


Publishers must put accuracy first in an era of pervasive misinformation. We double-check the accuracy of every article on our website before it is published, starting with the small group of thoroughly vetted authors we hire, and on to the reputable sources they cite.

True accuracy, then, goes beyond fact-checking. As a result, we present information in an appropriate language and setting. We want our readers to learn the reality and understand the fundamental truth.


We reserve the right to edit posts after the initial date and time of publication to include new data, adjustments, breaking news, and improved images and videos.

Updates can be minor or big, depending on what the post requires. New time stamps will appear next to the published date next to updated posts.

Please send updates to [email protected].


Errors in grammar, spelling, and fact are rapidly corrected. This includes omitting any crucial background information for the story, as well as including inaccurate information in the post and language that misrepresents the narrative or the characters.

It is possible to alter the captions for images and videos as well as the body and header. We won’t retract stories because of mistakes or poor quality, but we will edit work as needed. Major errors will be noted at the beginning of the work with a comment.

Please address any errors to [email protected].


We don’t tolerate plagiarism. When posting, authors must be original with their language and ideas. All contributors must draw from a range of reliable sources, avoiding over-reliance on any one. The high-quality sources are reflected in the post’s citations.

When crafting a comparable story, authors can research previous Thenandnow posts, but they cannot “self-plagiarize” by explicitly copying substantial quantities of content. Any modifications or additional information must be creatively added by the editor. Anyone caught copying work could lose their job.