Renovated Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 million

Discover the Crocker Mansion, a Beaux-Arts residence in Mahwah, New Jersey, and its fascinating history. Discover the history of the Crocker family, the building materials they employed, and the current renovation project that will bring this historic site back to its former splendour. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see one of New Jersey’s most cherished sites.

Mahwah, New Jersey is home to the historic Crocker Mansion. The mansion, which was built in 1908, has been a mainstay of the neighbourhood for more than a century. The mansion is currently receiving a significant renovation that will return it to its former splendour and guarantee that it will continue to serve as a significant landmark for years to come.

Renovated Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 million
Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 Million

Architecture and history

Crocker Mansion’s rich history and gorgeous architecture are two of its most noteworthy features. The home was constructed in the late 19th and early 20th century American architectural style known as Beaux-Arts. Grandiose design elements like elaborate ornamentation, arched windows, and columns are what define this style.

Building materials, Crocker family history, and Beaux-Arts architecture

Renovated Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 million
Renovated Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 Million

Large homes like Crocker Mansion were especially well-suited to the Beaux-Arts architectural style. The mansion is a prime example of this architectural style due to its vast size and opulent features. The mansion also has an interesting past that spans multiple Crocker family generations. Visitors may discover the family’s place in the neighbourhood and how they influenced Mahwah’s growth.

The building materials that were employed also provide intrigue about the mansion’s past. Steel and reinforced concrete, which was relatively new building material at the time, were used to construct the mansion. Large, open spaces could now be built, which was not feasible using conventional building materials.

Local Neighbourhood

For more than a century, Crocker Mansion has played a significant role in the Mahwah neighbourhood. Numerous occasions, such as weddings, charity events, and other important celebrations, have been held at the estate over the years. The restoration of the mansion is considered a crucial step in safeguarding the history of the neighbourhood and ensuring that it continues to be a beloved landmark.

Local history, community events, and tourism

The Crocker Mansion refurbishment has garnered support from the neighbourhood, with many locals donating their time and resources to the cause. In addition, the mansion has grown to be a well-liked tourist destination, drawing travellers from all around to see the opulent residence and discover its history. The makeover is anticipated to increase local tourism, draw more tourists, and assist small businesses.


The extensive project to renovate Crocker Mansion will take several years to complete. The project’s objective is to bring the mansion back to its previous splendour while also improving its usability and accessibility. This entails modernising the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems as well as introducing new features like a lift and entrances that are accessible to those with disabilities.

The mansion has undergone a comprehensive renovation over the past seven years and is currently listed for $48 million by Special Properties Real Estate Services with global marketing from Christie’s International Real Estate.

Restoration steps, contemporary improvements, and project timetable

Renovated Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 Million
Crocker Mansion Finally Sold for $26 Million Upper Live

A group of specialists in architectural design and historic preservation are in charge of the restoration project. The crew is striving to guarantee that the home is brought back to its pre-restoration state while also adding contemporary enhancements to make it more commodious and useful. The duration of the project is anticipated to be several years, but the finished product will be a magnificent illustration of historic preservation.

Crocker mansion for sale

The Crocker Mansion in Mahwah was sold for $26 million in December 2021. The 50,000 square-foot structure includes a massive Great Hall, a library with gold-leaf décor, marble staircases, 21 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms

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What happened to the Crocker mansion?

The 120-year-old Ramapo Valley Road estate was one among many pieces of Guo’s property and hundreds of millions of dollars in US currency seized by the federal government in the previous seven months. It sold for $26 million in December 2021.

What is the most expensive house in Mahwah?

Mahwah, 675 Ramapo Valley Road, $26,000,000

Both Crocker Mansion and Darlington Mansion are named the most expensive home to sell in New Jersey in 2021.

When was the Crocker mansion built?

The Crocker family residence and art gallery, which were finished in 1872, are regarded as Babson’s greatest achievements.

How big is the Crocker Art Museum?


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