Lockwood Mathews Mansion Then & Now

One of the earliest and finest Second Empire Style country homes ever constructed in the United States is the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum.

History of Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum

LeGrand Lockwood, who amassed wealth in the railroad and banking sectors, had the house constructed on an estate known at the time as “Elm Park.” Just west of the Norwalk River in Norwalk, construction started in 1864 and was finished four years later.

The mansion, which was created by Detlef Lienau, an architect with European training who now resides in New York, and was finished in 1868 at a cost of more than $2,000,000.00 in 1868 dollars, is regarded as his most important surviving work. The house’s construction involved both American artisans and numerous immigrant artisans.

The estate known as “Elm Park” was lost through foreclosure in 1874 as a result of Lockwood’s financial downturn in 1869 and his untimely death in 1872. The home was bought by Charles D. Mathews and his wife Rebecca in 1876. Up until 1938, Mathews, a well-known importer from New York, lived there with his family. The estate was purchased by the City of Norwalk in 1941 and turned into a public park.

The Mansion had indoor hot and cold plumbing, gas lighting, ventilation, and a central heating system that burned a ton of coal every day. It was a technological marvel for its time. In fact, our state doesn’t have a mansion museum like that. No Connecticut institution is more capable of bringing to life these pivotal moments in American history than this one, which was constructed during the Civil War and was still a home during the Great Depression.

16 taxpayers, later incorporated into “The Common Interest Group,” sued the City of Norwalk when the City announced their plans to demolish the mansion to make way for a new City Hall nearby in the early 1960s. After a protracted legal battle, the Mansion was saved in 1965. The Mansion was formally recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1971.

The museum’s mission is to preserve the structure while developing educational programs on the material, artistic, and social culture of the Victorian era, according to the museum organization’s website.

Lockwood Mathews mansion restoration

The tireless efforts of the staff, kind donors, Board of Trustees, and volunteers have allowed the Mansion to flourish for the past 50 years. The restoration of Venus at Play with Her Cupids by Pierre Victor Galland, which decorated the ceiling of the Drawing Room in 1983, the cleaning and conservation of the Music Room’s walls in 1995, and the replication and installation of the Library’s wallpaper in 2010 are all significant projects.

Lockwood Mathews Mansion Now
Panaroma view of the mansion

The Conservatory was renovated by LMMM in 2015 with help from the City of Norwalk, volunteers Paul and Hadley Veeder, silk plants created by Danna DiElsi of the Silk Touch, pots, and Lockwood-era-appropriate furniture.

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In that same year, the Museum started ADA compliance construction, which is still ongoing and has improved accessibility to every area of the building, including the Servants’ Quarters, which have never before been seen.

Lockwood Mathews mansion Tours

Early April through early January, Wednesday through Sunday, tours are available. At noon, one, two, and three o’clock, tours are given on the hour. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, $6 for students in grades 8 through 18, and free for children under 8.

As a filming location

Lockwood Mathews Mansion Now

The Stepford Wives remake from 2004 used the house as a filming location. The museum received a $400,000 payment from Paramount Pictures to paint its main rotunda. Large paintings that are essentially theatrical pastiches that were also left behind by the studio serve to highlight the rotunda’s impressive size. The result is that the walls appear new and decorated and will continue to be preserved until additional funding is available for the curatorial restoration of the initially damaged surfaces.

The mansion was also featured in the movie House of Dark Shadows.

The question you may ask

What is the Lockwood Mansion called?

Valueton Manor

Worthington Manor, also known as the Lockwood Mansion to fans of “Vampire Diaries,” was purchased by the couple in 1997.

Who lived in the Lockwood Mathews mansion?

The home was bought by Charles D. Mathews and his wife Rebecca in 1876. Up until 1938, Mathews, a well-known importer from New York, lived there with his family. The estate was purchased by the City of Norwalk in 1941 and turned into a public park.

Where is the Lockwood Mansion from Vampire Diaries?

Home of Tyler or Lockwood Manor (2129 East Street SE, Covington, GA 30014) The gates to the Lockwood Mansion are just around the corner.

how to get Lockwood-Mathews Mansion tickets?

Choose your preferred tour time, the date you wish to visit, the appropriate ticket type, and finally your desired tour time (s). Follow the instructions at the checkout.

Lockwood-Mathews mansion movie?

The 62-room Mansion served as the shooting location for “The Stepford Wives” movie.

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