Krueger Scott Mansion History and Restoration

The Krueger Scott Mansion, built in 1888 by beer magnate Gottfried Krueger and acquired in 1958 by Newark’s first African-American rich woman Madame Louise Scott, has been empty since 1982.
In the United States, the Krueger Scott Mansion is situated in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. On the intersection of Court and High Street, the mansion was constructed (now Martin Luther King Boulevard)

Original grand interior before restoration

Krueger Scott mansion History

Gottfried Krueger (1837–1926), who founded the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company in Newark and owned a number of other breweries, constructed the 40-room home in 1888. At the time, the price of construction was $250,000.

Krueger Scott mansion was sold

The Valley of Newark Scottish Rite Freemasons purchased the estate in 1926 for $100,000. The mansion was expanded to include a 700-seat auditorium to suit various gatherings. Louise Scott spent $85,000 in 1958 to buy the mansion. Scott kept the upper levels of the estate as her private residence and ran a beauty school out of the first floor.

in 1972, the National Register of Historic Places

In 1972, the home was included on both the National Register of Historic Places and the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. Scott passed away in 1982, and the city of Newark now owns the mansion.

Funds for the stabilize for Krueger Scott mansion

A bond for $625,812 from the New Jersey Historic Trust was issued in 1991 to strengthen the building’s exterior. The city of Newark matched that sum and over the years spent more than $4 million transforming the residence into a center emphasizing the role of black people to the growth of Newark. The federal government also made a $1.5 million contribution. Plans to convert the mansion into an African-American cultural center, however, were put on hold after ten years of construction because the Municipal Council of the city would not approve extra funding for the project.

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Krueger Scott mansion Restoration

In 2017 The Krueger-Scott Mansion’s redevelopment plan was revealed. The mansion will be renovated by Seaview Development “in a historically respectful and correct manner,… and a new community known as a “Makerhood” would be developed behind the building. This neighborhood would include an urban farm, a plaza, 36 parking spaces, 16 to 20 retail establishments, including restaurants, a dining facility that might be created in collaboration with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, artist spaces, and perhaps a bar called Krueger NanoBrew. A five-story building, a seven-story structure, and a ten-story building would all be part of this community.

One of the few remaining examples of the riches that once not only conducted business in but also inhabited the city of Newark is the Krueger-Scott Mansion. The Scottish Rite, Louise Scott, and Gottfried Krueger all contribute to the telling of this tale as well as the account of the transformations that took place in the city and its populace in the late 19th and early 20th century. This monument serves as a symbol of the highs and lows of the city of Newark, but more importantly, it represents the opportunity that is currently available in the area. This one-of-a-kind property is eagerly awaiting its next opportunity to serve once more as a symbol of exceptional achievement.

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