The American Dream Limousine is back to where it used to be!

It is again the American Dream, which is the longest car in the world. We had talked about this 1986 car before, but in 2013, a video showed how it ended up in a parking lot with damage on the inside and outside.

A few years later, the car was saved and brought from New York to Florida so it could be fixed up completely. It is now back to how beautiful it used to be. Let’s look at how the damage was fixed and how it all turned out.

Start of the American Dream Limo

The American Dream became well-known after Guinness World Records put it on their list of records in 1986. Because of how it looked and how it was made, the car was often used in movies and was even in a few of them.

Even though the car was famous at the time, people stopped taking care of it as much as they used to. A parking lot is where it ended up.

As people stopped watching The American Dream, the famous car sat idle for years. Over time, it rusted, and some of the parts could no longer be used.

Getting back to normal

Michael Manning owns a technical museum in New York called Autoseum. He saw the car for sale on eBay. He talked to the seller and bought the car to fix it up, but he didn’t have enough money to finish the job.

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It stayed behind his building for 8 years. He put it on eBay, and in 2019 Michael Dezer called him and took the car to Florida. Manning and Dezer cut the car in half and put each half on its own cart.

Shipping, the cost of materials and parts, and the wages of the workers all add up to about $250,000. It also took three years to finish restoring the building.

It was hard to find all of the parts needed for such an old car. The car needed a whole new drive train, interior, front seat, motor, and many other parts.

The Super Limo American Dream was back on the road on March 1, 2022.

Is it back?

The American Dream Limousine is back after a long process that took about 10 years to find a place for it and money to fix it up.

Even though it won’t get the same attention as when it came out in 1986, and of course, it can’t be driven because it’s too long.

It will be shown at the Auto Museum at Dezerland Park in Orlando, Florida. Taking care of and fixing up an American Dream Limousine that has been around for so long!

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