$22 Million Renovation of Ghost Ranch Lodge

Ghost Ranch Lodge Apartments have a long and complicated history that required substantial restoration and it was one of the first hotels in the US to use the motor court concept when it opened in the 1940s (in other words, it was located on the side of the road). The skull signs for the Spanish Revival-style lodge were created by Georgia O’Keefe.

Construct the structure of Ghost Ranch Lodge

$22 million Renovation of Ghost Ranch Lodge

Josias Joesler designed the first eight structures that made up the Ghost Ranch Lodge, which was constructed in 1941. The first accommodations for tourists along Miracle Mile were built there when Arthur and Phoebe Pack purchased it a year later. The front porches and cars parked in the back of the original buildings fronted a common courtyard since they were made to be pedestrian-friendly. They were created before the invention of air conditioning, making them excellent examples of passive cooling with their large porches and filtered light-only windows.

Miracle Mile was a bustling northern entrance to Tucson at the time, and motorcourts with neon signs lighting the path into the city’s downtown. However, the construction of Interstate 10 redirected commerce and traffic, and the area from the 1970s onwards became one of Tucson’s seedier neighborhoods. There is a fantastic Historic Context Study of the area that provides more details on its past.

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Ghost Ranch Lodge- Restoration Started with Phases

$22 million Renovation of Ghost Ranch Lodge
$22 million Renovation of Ghost Ranch Lodge | businessinsider

After the Ghost Ranch Lodge ultimately shut down in 2005, the property hit a new low when it caught fire. The property was in grave danger of either being neglected and destroyed or being destroyed for another use. Following many ownership changes, Atlantic Development + Investments acquired the property in foreclosure in 2007. The building would be renovated into reasonably priced senior home while preserving its historic features.

Phase I of the development

The first phase of the renovation, which consisted of 60 units, was finished in September 2010. Thirty of those units are freshly renovated Joesler buildings, while the remaining units are brand-new buildings.

Phase II of the renovation

52 more units are included in Phase II, which was just finished, along with the restoration and preservation of the historic cactus garden and its renowned boojum tree. Low-income housing and historic tax credits and funds helped bring the project’s total cost down to $25 million.

About Atlantic Developments & Investments- What was done

Not only was the Ghost Ranch Lodge renovated by Atlantic Development + Investments, but they also played a significant role in the Miracle Mile restoration effort. The Ghost Ranch Lodge’s residents told me repeatedly throughout the Urban Land Institute tour that they chose to live there because they had a good experience there when they had previously visited and because they enjoyed how it had been thoughtfully renovated. Since it wasn’t simply another generic senior home development at the time of the visit, the property was already fully leased and had a waiting list for Phase II.

$22 million Renovation of Ghost Ranch Lodge

The project significantly increased the bar for elderly low-income housing, and it serves as a model for historic preservation that the sector may take a lot of inspiration from. It received a $22 million renovation in 2007, turning it into 112 reasonably priced apartments for senior and disabled renters.
Today, Atlantic is regarded as one of the best LIHTC developers in the country.

Questions You may ask

Ghost Ranch Lodge phone number

  • (520) 207-0597.

How much does it cost to stay at Ghost Ranch

  • The Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center’s rates begin at $101. Which types of rooms are offered here? The hotel offers twin and double rooms, among other accommodation kinds.

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