1970 Dodge Black Ghost Challenger

A iconic vehicle in the Detroit street racing scene was the 1970 Dodge Black Ghost Challenger  also known as the Godfrey Quall’s 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE . It had a reputation for appearing out of the blue, annihilating whatever opposition it encountered, and then vanishes without a trace.

The Detroit street racing scene was at the center of the first American horsepower war, which was approaching its apex in the summer of 1970. The most popular show cars today were the beasts of the streets in 1970, and streets like Woodward and Telegraph continue to be some of the most popular places to flaunt your American muscle today.

The Challenger was Chrysler’s first foray into the high end of the well-liked pony car class, and it was unveiled in the fall of 1969 as a 1970 model. The car was offered in two-door hardtop or convertible forms, like the majority of its main rivals.

It was one of Chrysler’s best-selling products during the 1970s and was produced up to 1974. The Challenger became synonymous with the golden age of muscle cars in the years that followed, commanding six-figure prices at auction for well-kept versions (especially those with a HEMI engine).

All men save Godfrey Qualls and his companion Curtis Neal were unaware of the Black Ghost Challenger’s enigmatic and hidden activities. The Challenger’s driver, Qualls, was a police officer for the City of Detroit, therefore the pair had to keep their street racing exploits a secret.

The older Qualls placed the order for the vehicle after enrolling in the police school, but by the time he received his ideal vehicle, Godfrey had already been hired as a full-time cop and was stationed at the 11th Precinct of the Detroit Police Department.

He was a devoted officer who proudly served his town throughout the day, but at night, he would get into his HEMI-powered weapon and indulge his speed addiction.

When it came to street racing at the time, Detroit served as the nation’s capital. Yes, everything was against the law, but the races were held late at night, and participants took care not to endanger onlookers or do any property damage.

Godfrey was exceedingly cautious to avoid being recognized by other riders or stopped by his teammates because his career was on the line. He didn’t associate with other street racers like everyone else did, and when he turned up to compete, he let the Black Ghost Challenger HEMI speak for itself.

1970 Dodge Black Ghost Challenger

What’s become of the Black Ghost?

The Black Ghost disappeared as silently as it arrived in the 1970s after terrifying drivers of all muscle cars. Others questioned if it had crashed or been seized. Yet that was a much easier story.

When Qualls re-enlisted in the army in 1977 to become a Green Beret, he left the Challenger in his garage. He returned in 1980 and asked collector and Mopar mechanic Dean Herron to assist him in starting the vehicle. Herron then caught sight of and identified the Black Ghost Challenger.

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Years later, in 2014, Godfrey Qualls invited his son Gregory to visit and inspect the vehicle. Godfrey Qualls, whose cancer had spread, signed the title of the car over to his son while still alive and begged him not to give it away.

The Challenger Black Ghost was retired and put away in a garage after the muscle car heyday came to an end. In the years that followed, its owner would stock up on a variety of Mopar parts with the intention of performing a thorough restoration. Godfrey sadly passed away in 2015 because that never happened.

The legendary street racer and former police officer gave his family instructions to bring him a large envelope filled with documents from home while he was still in the hospital bed. Godfrey gave his son the Challenger’s title, demanding that he swear not to sell the vehicle, and placed it inside.

1970 Dodge Black Ghost Challenger

At the 2017 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Gregory unveiled the living legend and recounted its tale. He brought it to the Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle a year later, where it won the National Automotive Heritage Award from the Historic Vehicle Association. It was included in the National Historic Vehicle Register in 2020, which functions as a sort of Hall of Fame for American automobiles.

Dodge made the decision to create a limited-edition third-generation model in honor of the vehicle. Its Hellcat HEMI, black paint, white striping, and a replica Gator Grain roof graphic are all included in the “The Black Ghost Last Call Challenger” model.

The original lack Ghost Challenger will be auctioned off at Mecum’s May event at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We regret Gregory’s decision to sell the car and go back on his word to his father, but we also recognize that the opportunity to earn a seven-figure sum is too good to pass up.

People also ask ;

How much is the 1970 black ghost challenger worth?

Hagerty values a superb 1970 Dodge Challenger HEMI R/T SE with a 4-speed manual at over $350,000. Due to its unrestored state and historic worth, the car could sell for over $1,000,000 at auction.

The black ghost challenger is what?

Godfrey Quall’s 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE was known as the “Black Ghost.”

Who owned the original black ghost?

Godfrey- The 1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T SE’s street racing nickname in Detroit was the Black Ghost. Recently, it was revealed that Godfrey Quails owned and raced the automobile.

Is a Challenger a high-end vehicle?

The Challenger isn’t a luxury vehicle, though, as seen by the quality of the interior materials and the level of cabin refinement.

How much is a 2023 Black Ghost Challenger?

The $1,595 in destination and costs is not included in the 2023 lineup’s U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The 2023 Challenger SXT costs $30,545 while the 2023 Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition costs $99,315.

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