1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado has been  Restored

In 1958, one of the first American car companies, Plymouth, came out with a concept car that took the world by storm. This was an important time in the history of cars. The 1958 Plymouth Tornado Concept Car was a radical and futuristic idea that showed cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and a look into the future of the car industry.

A look ahead to the future

The 1958 Plymouth Tornado Concept Car was made with the goal of showing the future of the car business. It was a time when designers and builders were willing to think outside the box, and the Tornado was a way to show off their big ideas. The car’s design was sleek and efficient, with dramatic lines, futuristic curves, and a space-age look that left people in awe of its never-before-seen beauty.

Plymouth Tornado after restoration

Exterior Design

The Tornado had a low-slung body with smooth lines and a sweeping roofline that seemed to run into the back end. The car had a unique double-bubble canopy that wrapped around the passenger area. This added to the future look of the car.

Innovative Interior

When you walked into the Tornado, it felt like you were getting into a rocket from the future. The interior was designed to look like a cockpit, with a driver’s seat in the middle and two passenger seats on either side. The controls were set up to be easy to use, and the dashboard had a bunch of dials and gauges that looked like they were from the future. This added to the car’s flight theme.

History and Effects

Even though the 1958 Plymouth Tornado Concept Car was never put into full-scale production, it left a mark on the auto business and is remembered for that. Many car companies were moved by Tornado’s bold design language and futuristic features to try out new things in car design. Elements of the Tornado’s design could be seen in later Plymouth cars and other concept cars from the same time period.

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The Plymouth Tornado concept car was restored

In the 1950s, when the jet age started, it had a big impact on Americans and manufacturers. Jets were a sign of the new modern age of speed, aerodynamics, miracle materials, and improved engineering. Our clothes, homes, places of work, and towns all showed these new ideas and ways of doing things, but perhaps nowhere was this more clear than in the car business.

1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado has vanished
1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado has vanished

The first idea for the Plymouth Tornado was a gray car built on the frame of a 1958 Plymouth Fury. It was shown at car shows all over the country in 1958, along with the Redstone missile made by Chrysler Corporation for the Army.

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Some of these missile design ideas were used in the Plymouth Tornado concept. For example, it had a big tail wing, two rocket-like exhaust pipes, two head covers, and a nose like an airplane. As a symbol of future American design, innovation, and style, the Tornado showed what the best jet-powered or turbine-engine cars of the next 10 years would look like.

1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado has been  Restored
1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado has been  Restored

In 1964, the Plymouth Tornado won second place at the Sabers’ Auto Show in Denver for its “Radical Custom Design.” It was also featured in Car Craft Magazine. After that, not much is known about its past until 1974 when a Utah sports figure bought the Plymouth Tornado, got it registered, and drove it for two years. After he died and his wife died, the car was forgotten and left in a field outside the late owner’s house for the next 28 years.

Eventually, a neighbor in the area found out about this one-of-a-kind car and, thinking it might be important to history, started calling collectors and possible buyers. In 2004, the Tornado was sold to a Hollywood director who had been in the business for a long time and loved old cars.

1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado back view
1958 Concept Car Plymouth Tornado back view

The Plymouth Tornado had been sitting outside for almost 30 years, so there were hornet nests in the seats and mice living in the pipes and hoses. The Hollywood director chose to put the Tornado back on the market after more research showed that it needed a long, very thorough restoration. A new owner who liked cars and was ready to take on the restoration was found.

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