This couple, ages 104 and 103 are celebrating their 82nd Anniversary.

When it comes to issues of the heart, it can pay off to not listen to your friends.

On January 4, Ron and Joyce Bond marked the 82nd anniversary of their wedding, making them Britain’s longest-married couple, according to SWNS.

“We never thought we’d be married for 82 years. We know we’re very lucky to have reached this wonderful goal,” said Joyce, who is 100.

This couple, ages 104 and 103 are celebrating their 82nd Anniversary.
Ron and Joyce Bond. Photo: EXTRACARE/SWNS

“It feels great!” she said next. “There is no boss in our relationship because we both give and take.”

Ron, 102, agreed with what was said and said, “Sometimes life is hard, but we get through it together. We also look out for each other.”

The couple got married in 1941. They both say it was “love at first sight,” even though their friends didn’t like them together at first and said they “wouldn’t be together for long.”

“When they got married, people said their marriage wouldn’t last long. How wrong they were!” their daughter Eileen, they said.

Ron, who had served in World War II and would later work at a nearby garage, was 21 at the time, and Joyce, who had worked at Woolworths, was 19.

“My parents are a truly inspiring couple, not only to my brother and me, but also to their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren,” Eileen said. “All you have to do is spend time with them to see that, even after 82 years of marriage, they still love and care for each other.”

Ron and Joyce marked their last anniversary at ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood Retirement Village, and their son Bill gave them a shout-out on the radio.

The couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary last year, and Queen Elizabeth sent them a special note to congratulate them on the big occasion.

This couple, ages 104 and 103 are celebrating their 82nd Anniversary.
Ron and Joyce Bond’s letter from Queen Elizabeth. Photo: EXTRACARE/SWNS

“It’s great to hear that your wedding will be 82 years old on January 4, 2023. “I do hope you have a wonderful time,” she wrote.

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That’s really something! Celebrating 82 years of marriage is a rare and amazing feat. It’s heartwarming to hear about a couple who showed their enemies they were wrong and stayed together. The fact that they have been together for so long despite other people’s doubts shows how much love, commitment, and determination they have.

People often hear doubts or skepticism from other people about how long their relationships will last. But every couple’s journey is different, and it’s up to them to take care of their relationship and make it last. It’s inspiring to see couples like this who don’t follow the rules and show that love really can last.

The story of this pair is a good reminder that relationships take work, understanding, and giving in. It’s a great example of how important it is to invest in a long-term relationship and stay committed to each other through the ups and downs of life.

It’s a big deal that they’re celebrating such a significant anniversary together, and I’m sure their love story will continue to inspire people for years to come.

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